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Welcome Delegates!

This international negotiation exercise puts you and your fellow delegates in the roles of problem-solvers, decision makers and negotiators on matters of international importance. Working together in problem-focused teams by country, you will consider global issues, develop country positions on those issues, and negotiate with other countries in the exercise.  You will be communicating with others via diplomatic email, live conferences in the afternoon, and finally, face-to-face at the Global Forum.

This simulation selects a few important world problems and shows how they are related to one another. It cannot—and it does not try to—cover all of the global issues that diplomats are currently negotiating. The simulation is conducted in two different parts:

1) country teams from one classroom or school become experts on a particular issue and work to establish negotiating positions for their country 2) delegations work together to reach agreement on how to solve the problems with the classes representing other countries.  

Good luck!

Negotiating Topics



Human Rights


Focus Questions for Each Issue