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Opening Policy Statements


Purpose: For issue expert groups and the class as a whole to define their country’s stance on each of the eight negotiating issues in written form.

What it looks like: Each issue group researches and records in writing their country’s policies, history, as well as preliminary goals and solutions to address their assigned issue. Delegates take the information from the visual or multi-media presetation they created in the Country Perspectives Activity, along with teacher feedback, and type it into a Draft of the Opening Policy Statements. Delegates login to the International Community and send this paper to Simcon (and no other countries). Simcon gives the delegates feedback which they use to research in preparation for the Online Press Conference and later to finalize the the Opening Statements.

    Purpose: For each country to introduce itself to the other countries and jumpstart the dialogue online. To understand the art of diplomacy.

What it looks like: Each delegation takes what they’ve learned from Simcon’s feedback on the Opening Policy Statements and the Press Conference and refines their paper into the final Opening Policy Statement.  It is then posted online to the entire CWHP International Community. Refinements to the policy statements focus on strengthening content and "spinning" any negative aspects of it, so that their country can be presented diplomatically in the best light to other countries.


Opening Policy Statements

Northern CA - NC

Southern CA - SC

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Opening Policy Statements - DRAFT

Opening Policy Statements  (final)


paper is only called a “draft” because it is the foundation of the opening statements posted later to the global community.


Opening Policy Statements

Opening_Policy_Statements-Draft-North.pdf Opening_Policy_Statements-Draft-South.pdf