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CISP headquarters are based at the School of International Studies, University of the Pacific.

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Steps 4a & 4b


Step 2


Step 3


Step 5

Use the steps on this page to write,  analyze, and practice debating proposals.  Before choosing a topic, be sure it falls under the current

Focus Questions for Negotiation.

You will also want to check out Model Solutionsfor ideas to incorporate into your proposals.  


Step 2: “Preparing to Write your Proposal”

Use this form to take notes as you research the idea for a proposal you want to focus on. To develop your proposal more fully, review the Evaluation Criteria below in “Step 3” to make sure you have met all the requirements.  Editable version


Step 1


Step 1: “Brainstorming Solutions”

Use this form to research at least 3 ideas for a proposal.  After researching, choose one to focus on, making sure it is aligned with your country’s goals,

and that it is a solution that pertains to the international community (not just your own country).

Step 3: “Check your proposal against the Proposal Evaluation Criteria” (EC’s).  Then, submit it to your teacher for feedback before submitting online.

Step 4a: “Submit your Proposal online” by logging in to Delegate Central with a country name and password and select Proposals via the Proposal Center. Click on "Compose Proposal" and then copy and paste your completed proposal (after receiving teacher feedback).   

    Note: send proposal to "ALL" countries, not just Simcon. Only Simcon will be able to view your proposal at first. Once Simcon determines that the proposal meets the minimum requirements (EC's in Step 3), the proposal will be approved and made viewable by the international community.

Step 4b: Use feedback from your teacher and Simcon to edit your proposal if it is bounced back and resubmit as soon as possible.

Step 5 - Download Proposal Graphic Organizer. Analyze Proposals and Negotiate (after proposals are approved). To view proposals, log in to Delegate Central with a country name and password and select proposals via the Proposal Center. You can filter proposals by Issue by clicking on the Issue heading.